70+ Quick & Cool Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Everyday Elegance

Let’s face it. Short hair is incredible. You don’t have to take showers that last more than five minutes. You save hours of time in the morning because you don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time blow-drying and styling your hair. Plus, you automatically stand out in any crowd as the cool and unique woman with short hair. Cutting your hair short is a transformative life change for the better. Once they go short, many women never think of growing their locks again.

Short hair definitely comes with an abundance of benefits for any woman in terms of both style and convenience. However, many women complain that they get bored with their short hair after a while. There’s no question that having cropped locks significantly limits the number of styling options you have available to you. While this increases the convenience of your life as a whole, it can also get boring and frustrating. However, styling short hair in a variety of ways isn’t impossible. It just requires a bit more creativity than styling longer hair. In fact, there are countless different unique ways you can style your short hair to change up your gorgeous look on a daily basis.

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